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 Welcome to Atlas Energy Technologies, Inc.


 Where we create valuable commodities as in bio-gas, synthetic methane gas, synthetic petroleum, metallurgical coke, synthetic graphite and fertilizers from bio-mass. 

The Atlas technologies are comprised of two patents that are the production of engineered fuels from high cellulose feedstock (PEF) and the integrated nutrient fixation process (INF).

The INF process maximizes feedstock by using the nutrients in a waste stream to grow cellulosic bio-mass. The PEF process thermally treats cellulose to remove the oxygen in the form of simple fatty acids and simple sugars.

  These simple compounds are used to generate bio-gas in an anaerobic digester.   The remaining lignin  is like a brown coal that can be gasified to form synthetic methane gas and synthetic petroleum.  The process separates the mineral component of the biomass into an organic, carbon-rich fertilizer.  This leaves as a final product a very high BTU metallurgical coke.  The result of processing waste materials using these two processes is clean water that can be drinking water quality if desired.